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Sep 172012

About Us:
Complete Cambodia is an activist organization committed to creating a dialogue and raising Complete Cambodia Logofunds to support landmine relief efforts in Cambodia putting an end to the continued casualties of the Vietnam War.

Complete Cambodia Goals:
• Generate awareness about this forgotten problem in a country that is still impacted by our war
• Support humanitarian programs that positively impact Cambodian communities most affected and the families of landmine victims
• Raise funds to support and accelerate Cambodia’s demining efforts with new, advanced technologies

How Your Support Will Impact Cambodia:
The Cambodian Mine Action Authority (CMAA) established in 2000, regulates and coordinates all mine action activities and establishes policies and procedures. Currently, there are four (main) demining organizations working in Cambodia – The Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC), the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF), The HALO Trust, and the Mines Advisory Group (MAG).

Complete Cambodia has created an alliance with the Mine Advisory Group (MAG) based on our like-minded mission to take a humanitarian approach to landmine action. This means that we, like MAG, will not focus on metrics such as land area cleared or numbers of landmines removed. Instead, we will focus on the impact of our work in local communities. This approach recognizes that although the number of landmines in an area may be small, the effect on a community can be crippling. Targets are therefore determined locally, in response to liaison with affected communities, and local authorities.

By supporting MAG we will demonstrate to our donors and volunteers the direct impact their financial and social support can have on the affected communities in Cambodia.

How You Can Participate:
• We are actively seeking volunteers and donors to help us meet our goals.
• If you are interested in supporting or volunteering in our fundraising efforts, supporting social relief programs and / or would like to join our founder on one of his relief missions to Cambodia, please contact Steve Pennington at completecambodia@gmail.com or visit our website to learn more and get involved at www.completecambodia.com

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