Aug 162014

Another amazing day spent with the people of this amazing country… I was up early again and out in the rural countryside…. riding down the road in a tuk-tuk I get a real sense of what life is like for the majority of people living in this country. I get to feel the road and all its bumps. The smells of the small villages starting their morning fires, and listening to the traffic as we make it out of town.
Our journey took us a little over an hour. Might have taken 20 minutes had there been a paved road to travel.. We pass many children on bikes and many others riding 3 on moto’s. To them this is a normal way to travel.. You get a real sense of their strength realizing that many of these children make this ride every morning into town to shop for food, and some travel great distances to try and get an education.

We pulled onto a small dirt road that was basically a driveway. It opened up to a small hut and there was probably 20 or 30 children running around… all in some way related or close friends. You get how much “community” is important to the people of this country. And living out this far from town, everything is shared within the village.
Of course, there was a look of wonderment on everyones face…. unsure what to expect from me and why I was even there. My driver soon explained to the adults that were around what my mission was and what I was there to do… Smiles all around!!!! And the kids got super excited!!! I think that is my favorite part of what we do with “Presents for Presence”…. seeing their faces as they realize they are about to receive a gift from some guy from half way around the world… and seeing the looks on the adults faces when they find out that it was all donated from you all at home just for them.. It really is priceless….


I gave out more clothes and toys… and then came the soccer and volleyballs… Over the past few days I really get that sports is a universal language. It does not matter what sport it is, we all can relate on that level… and to play with the children and even the adults allows for a connection regardless of the language barrier..
We must have pumped up 30 balls…. everyone got their own.. We also put up a volleyball net and the games began… We played volleyball till we were all soaking wet with sweat..
Its hard to describe how hot and humid it is here right now… Being monsoon season, its 97-100 degrees out and 100% humidity…
It was a great time being able to spend the day with these wonderful men, woman, and children. All that received clothes immediately tried them on… Somewhat of a fashion show. They were so proud of their new things. Not one of them walked around without their new ball or toy as well. And the parents and relatives of the kids were so thankful to see their little ones with their new things..
Thank you all for allowing me to continue this mission. I hope that in the future you will be able to be here in person and experience this first hand.. For the meantime, I will carry your message and I hope you all realize that your presence is felt.


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  1. Nice job buddy. Keep up the good work.

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