Day 2

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Jan 252014

The day started off amazingly!!! I was able to meet up with Bill and Jill Morse this morning for breakfast at a little cafe down the street from where Im staying. We sat and caught up for a couple hours… We are up to great things here. We made plans for the week and I will be at the museum/orphanage on Monday working with everyone there. Tuesday we will be making visits to two different schools. Wednesday we are visiting the site where the school WE are going to be building is located!!! I cannot wait for that!! To see all this work that you all have put in become a reality is going to be beautiful!!!

After we had breakfast I headed back to the hostel to meet up with my tuk tuk driver… We had planned on visiting some villages and schools way outside of town. It was really awesome meeting up with him yesterday and knowing that he gets what we are trying to do. He was just as excited as me to get out there and interact with the kids in the outlying areas..

And here are a few pictures from the day…. Yes the bubbles were an absolute hit yet again..

I took video of all the children and showing them what everything was in the bag. I am still taken back at how some of the things we take for granted… Some of the kids came out to me as we were leaving asking what the shampoo was or what the soap was…

However their faces were all lit up when we showed up and took them all into the classroom to hand them their presents.. Watching them with the toys and building them their airplanes and flying them… I wish you all could have been there. Hopefully some of the pictures can show how happy they were. I will have to get the video uploaded at some point so you can hear their non-stop laughter. Its truly amazing how you all have come together and really bought in on “Presents for Presence”… your presence is very much felt here in Cambodia.

We then headed down the road to a different school. This is where we handed out most of the clothes and beanies… Now this was the first time we had ever handed out clothes.. Let me tell you that this had just as much if not more of an impact on the children and me… Now most of clothes we had was for boys and so I gave the girls beanies as well (some of the boys too) and their reaction was incredible. They have siblings at home and through my tuk tuk driver, he was saying that they were all talking about taking the clothes home to their younger brothers. That really drives home what we are doing. This is all about community and how we all are taking care of each other. These children get it and I got to learn something from them today. Its not about what is in it for me, but what can I do with what I have to help others…. I really believe thats the lesson we can all take away from this today…

We then just started driving down the road and pulling off if we saw a home that had little children or babies. We had a lot of baby clothes left and we both felt this was the best way to get them to where they are needed. We stopped a few times to hand out the clothes and visit with the people. Yet again, everyone was so grateful….



All and all we had another amazing day handing out the presents and clothes on your behalf. It was really a pleasure to get to do this with someone that was just as enthusiastic about as I am. My tuk tuk driver gets just as much of a kick out of it as I do. He gets really excited to know that we are heading out to help and give gifts to the people of his country….. He got even more excited when I told him I had more and that we will be going back out tomorrow!!!!!



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