Im Back

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Feb 012015

Every time I land in this amazing country I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be here on behalf of all of you that support this cause. Personally, being here brings me great peace. Driving in from the airport this morning I reflected back onto the first trip I made. How anxious I was to get started and see what that trip would have in store for me. I began to compare that trip to today….. And I still have the same anxious feelings and wonderment about what will come out of this trip. I think about the relationships that have been fostered and the partnerships that have been solidified. Its truly remarkable where WE have taken this idea in just a few short years. Its amazing to think that I will be visiting a school that WE built and sharing in a party with all the children WE are helping.

Had a wonderful birthday dinner with Bill and Jill Morse tonight and discussed the weeks affairs. Tomorrow morning I will be heading out to the field with the EOD team and with the deminers. Not sure how many nights Ill be out but will for sure post as soon as I can.

Once again I am very proud to be here representing all of you that support the foundation. Ill repeat this a million times….. I just facilitated this trip, you all created it.

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