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Jan 292014


I wish i had some more pictures for you… I did take a bunch but have apparently exceeded the memory on my laptop and am unable to upload any of them…. Ill get them up ASAP.

The morning is bittersweet as its my last morning of waking up in Cambodia, but its a very exciting day for the foundation!! Was up at 4:30am getting packed and ready to leave and to spend the day out at Dong Tong viewing the site for our school. We have decided that if we could add to an existing school, it would be better serving the village. If we get 3 buildings built of brick and mortar on this site, it will then become a government recognized school and the children would then have the ability to graduate from here and go to high school. This is going to be every bit a community project as we will be teaming up with an NGO from Norway to get this project completed. I feel and so do the others involved that this will better serve all of our efforts and will have the greatest impact on the area that we are working in. The plot for the school is 110 meters by 110 meters. Its huge!! We are going to be able to have a huge playground for the children out front of it as well. There will be plenty of more details to come as we progress in our build and break ground. But just know now that by the time the project is complete, we will be serving probably close to 500 kids!!!

It was a very long day of travel and I have about 36 hours of travel starting again for myself in about an hour.

I wanted to get this thought out to you all before I left though as it just sort of dawned on me….. Just with the “Presents for Presence” project we have been able to touch over 1000 children…. with this school project we will be able to serve 500 plus children a year for as long as the school is in operation!!!!! To me, that is pretty remarkable from the other side of the world!! You are all champions to the cause and I greatly appreciate the effort you all have put in to make this a reality for the children of this wonderful country!! By taking on this project, we will effectively be placing not just a government school on these hallowed grounds, but we will be returning money to the demining efforts in this country… and the numbers of people we will reach is seemingly un-measureable.


I love you all and ill see you all very soon!!!

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