My First Day Back

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Jan 242014

I spent most of the day walking through Siem Reap… I can not explain what its like to be back again.. Its like a long awaited trip home.. It is an overwhelming sense of peace. I have missed being here so much.

I met this man today while walking through town. His name is Mot Douk. He told me his story and relayed to me that there are many people like him that get no support from the government. Even after giving their limbs and almost their lives for their country.

And yet this man, a father of 4, does not beg. He does not speak of his plight unless asked directly. He lost his arms 22 years ago from a landmine blast……

We continued to speak of what it is I was doing here, and where I am from and what we are setting out to accomplish.. Like so many before, he was surprised, and very grateful..

I was quickly reminded yet again at the power of conversation. Its moments like this that has brought our foundation to where its at. Its because of Mot Douk and the many like him that we are here…

I headed back to the hostel and ran into my tuk tuk driver from last year!!!! We talked about other schools to visit and possibly heading back to the rehab facility that I was removed from on the first trip. It was again a reminder of the impact we are having here. The fact that he remembered me and recalled what we did together last time gave me such a sense that we are always here. He drives people around everyday… and he remembered me….





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