On My Way!!!!

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Aug 142014

I will be landing in Cambodia in a few short hours and I cannot help but feel grateful….. I would not be able to make these journey’s or be able to make our presence felt in Cambodia without all of your continued support… It truly is an experience that you are the creators of. I am only the vessel that caries your message. I know it was short notice and the lead time up to this trip did not allow for our usual “Presents for Presence” event, but think about this. In that short time I received 300 soccer balls and volleyballs and nets. I also was given a lot of clothing and toys to hand out as well.. That to me is remarkable and a true testament to the dedication, commitment and support of all of you that have “bought in” to the cause. You all show your support in so many different ways and without it, we wouldn’t function at the level we do. In the trips that have been made so far, we have reached more than 1000 people with our “Presents for Presence” campaign. We have been able to put thousands of dollars into funding for de-mining operations, saving an untold number of people from injury and or death.

I continue to be inspired by all of your support. This trip, I will be looking at the site where we are going to be building a school for hundreds of children. This may be their first opportunity at an education. This impact becomes generational and I don’t think we could put a number on the amount of people that this will benefit.


I hope you all are as inspired as I am….. I know for myself it brings me great peace to be in Cambodia on all of your behalf.. We are making a difference… We are changing lives… We are building a future free of the past for the people of this wonderful country!!!


I love you All!!! Thank you!

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