Sep 172012

DSC_0069On a Sunday evening, when most are spending time with loved ones or watching the late football game, 17 extraordinary people came together for a cause. Through conversation, not solicitation, these people were moved enough to take whatever action they could, to fulfill on a sense of service. As the evening began, it was just a group of people. Some knowing each other from prior meetings, some life long friends and family. By the end of the night, this was a community. Small in numbers, but giant with purpose. I can only imagine the looks on the faces of the men, woman, and children in Cambodia when they receive these “Presents of Presence”.

DSC_0026With almost every single item in these bags donated, we were able to produce 216 total. Thank you to all who participated in donating and in the gathering of the contents. I would like you all to be aware that without you, this would have been an impossible act to take on. Kara Lomon, Mary Searock,Katy Rowbotham, Angela Gillespie, Mike Wendling, Rick and Kyndess Eaggleston, Duc Nguyn, Yasha Vand and Jeff Searock were all responsible for the items in these bags.

Without the community that gathered last night to give their time for this cause, there would not be 216 bags packed and ready for delivery. I would like you all to be acknowledged. Steve Searock, Julie Grair, Steve and Debbie Pennington, Alex De La Torre, Manuel Levario, Daisy Tovar, Christian Lojero, Melanie Sanchez, Yasha Vand, Marisol Cueva, Marcus Sy, Samantha Ramirez, Patricia Ochoa, Alex Ventura, Arthur Duarte, Uriel Aguilar and last but not least, “Sweetie” dog.



I would like to thank you all on behalf of the people of Cambodia. You all in your own way are truly making a difference.

I also would like to let you know how amazing you all have been for this foundation. Our first event was a success because of each and every one of you individually and as a whole. You all inspire this foundation to stay committed to the cause. “WE” will continue our mission…..

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  1. Packing bags was heart warming and all for a good cause!!! I support Complete Cambodia !

  2. Thank you Steve for inviting us to be a part of a remarkable endeavor. We look forward to doing more as you move forward with this project. We are very proud of you!
    Love – Mom and Dad

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