School visits

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Jan 282014

Today we were up very early and on the road. We left around 7:30am to head out to a school that I got to visit last time I was here. Monkey Head Lake school. Its a very long and bumpy road out to the school but so worth it. Its a tiny building and there are about 60 kids there. I had just enough presents left for them too.

When we arrived, we unloaded the van of all the school supplies we were taking them and walked about a quarter mile to the school. The roads were to bad to drive all the way in this time.

As we got into the classroom, I began handing the presents out with Bill and Jill. As I do every time we do this, I do my best to assure every child gets one so I pay very close attention to the children… And now this picture is from this year….. I hope you notice the beanies… I had no beanies left to give out when we got to this school.

I stood their for what seemed like an eternity staring at these two girls and my heart was melting. I know that we have an impact on all the people that we meet, but I did not expect this. It has been a year since I was last at this school and handed those beanies out to them. I could not believe that on the day we show up they had them on. This was not planned and they obviously did not know I was coming. Everyone that was on the ride out there was sort of in shock and glowing… I may sound like a broken record but this was an incredibly powerful moment..These presents are more than just toys and that get used and discarded. They are cherished. They are important to each child in its own unique way. I could not stop myself from saying it over and over again to everyone that “those are the beanies from last year!”  It was beautiful!!!



We then left and headed to another school that was about 2 hours away. I was out of presents though…. We had plenty of school supplies to take in though. This was a quick stop as we had a 4 hour ride back to town and it was getting late.

The drive back was quite as everyone was pretty tired. I was sitting staring out the window, and again, taken by the beauty of the countryside. Its so hard to imagine that someplace so gorgeous and peaceful, could hide potential disaster.

Its always humbling being here and it definitely drives home why we are doing what we are. Thank you all for being on this great adventure and being so giving of yourselves for a people and a country.

Tomorrow we are off to see the site that Complete Cambodia will be part of the building of a new school!!!!!

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