Jan 242013

January 25, 2013


As I am now in China waiting to board the plane to Los Angeles, I am beginning to take some deep breaths. Our second journey is close to completion. Im taking more time now to reflect on the past 9 days, and its tough. I will confess that as much joy as these trips bring, with that comes equally as much heartache. And please don’t get me wrong. There isn’t anything else Id rather be doing. I am always present to why we go and how much I am drawn to this cause. Its leaving that is hard. When you know that there is so much to be done, and you have to go. When all you want to do is take every child with you, and help every Man and Woman in any way you can. We have created so many smiles and brightened so many peoples day, that all I want to do is stay and continue to do so.

From visiting Rea, interviewing him and meeting his family to being in the field with CSHD, the trip has moved so fast. I have gone through so many emotions from extreme joy to anguishing over wanting to do more. The pictures do tell the story. I see in the photos, my experience and I hope you do to. I can relive those moments without the pictures, but it is powerful to sit and look in the eyes of the people we have touched. It presents me to what an impact WE are having.

I hope everyone at home reading this gets what an important part you have all played in this. Really get that your presence was felt on the other side of the globe. We had 47 volunteers build bags and bring donated gifts that were delivered to over 500 people. YOU impacted that many lives. People whom you’ll never meet. I consider it a gigantic privilege to have acted on your behalf. I continue to read how proud of me you all are and Im grateful for the praise. However, this is happening because of you. You all are what makes up Complete Cambodia. You all were cause in the smiles. You all are the reason that there is hope in Cambodia. Please take a moment and reflect for yourself what YOU ALL have accomplished.

This trip has been a huge success. I want to thank the Cambodian Self Help De-mining organization for all they contributed to our time in Cambodia. I would like to also thank Bill and Jill Morse again for all the time they spent with us and organizing the overnight trip to the mine field. Last but not least, Aki Ra. I want to give a resounding thank you to him for all he is doing and has done for his people. To be in the presence of such a great man was an honor. I look forward to seeing them all very soon. This journey has created more than just partnerships, Its created what I foresee as life long friendships.

I cant imagine a life any different then this. I am at times surprised at where we are with the foundation in such a short period of time. At the same time, I am reminded that its because of everyone that has taken the time to get involved. You didn’t have to and you made a choice to stand for others. We have all taken on something bigger than ourselves, and in my eyes, that is living and living powerfully. The more people that get involved, the more momentum we create. And who knows where we will be in the future with our mission, but with supporters like you all, I am clear that we will Complete Cambodia.

Again, thank you all so much for all you have been for me. What an extraordinary group of people you truly are. And I have to give a special thanks to Amanda McKinnon, my cousin, for coming on this trip and documenting it. She did such an amazing job and is so talented. Im proud and thankful that you were here.

See you soon Cambodia!!!!! I will miss you!!!!!


More pictures to come soon.. I promise.

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