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Feb 062015

Today was a very big day for the foundation as well for a lot of very happy children. Today was the dedication ceremony for the school YOU all had built!!!! I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will say that this was a pretty humbling day for me personally. I cant thank you all enough for allowing me to represent you. You all are the ones that should be thanked and if it wasn’t for YOUR hard work and dedication to this cause, today would not have been possible. Its amazing how an idea can unfold into this. Your presence is felt, your impact is undeniable and your outpouring of support does not go unnoticed. This should be a notice to all people that WE CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING WE WANT!!!!!
I had a chance to speak during the ceremony and as often as I could, I let the people of this village know that you all are the true benefactors of the gratitude shown by all.


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