What a day!!!

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Jan 262014

I started the day off by packing my backpack full of gifts… I was very excited to get back to Tonle Sap lake. I had visited it on my first trip and I have been wanting to get back there ever since.

So Eng and I headed back. Its a bit of a drive especially in a tuk tuk. When we arrived we got onto one of the boats and headed out on the lake. It was all so familiar….. The smells, the sounds, and seeing all the people. They all take great pride in their boats… as it is their home as well. 

We handed out all our bags and even gave out some bracelets.. I think the pictures will tell the story better than I can from this visit.




I hope you can see the little baby in this picture…. She is already wearing her new clothes.





After the day was through at the lake, my tuk tuk driver Eng invited me to his house for dinner.. I of course agreed to go and was so thankful that he would be willing to welcome me into his home.

What an evening we had. I met just about everyone in his village. They all came over to Eng’s house and were all so kind. We sat around the table for hours talking and laughing. Even though we did not speak the same language we all were able to relate to each other. I felt as if I had known these men for years!!!! I also got to spend a lot of time with Eng’s daughter who is 5. She was a riot. Luckily I had a few presents in my camera bag and was able to give her and her cousin each one.


They were both so adorable and absolutely loved their gifts.

For dinner we had snake soup. And it was amazing… I kid you not, one of the best meals I have had in a long time. We all sat and ate out of this giant bowl of soup for hours… And so did everyone in the village. People would walk by or ride by on a bike and Eng and all his friends would yell to them to come in and eat… and they all did. Such a community here. Its seems to be that way everywhere I go in Cambodia. I love this place and I will surely miss my new friends..




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