Jan 282013

January 27, 2013


I have been home for a few days now. I have spent most of that time in bed because I have been really sick. Not to sure what I got, but it has totally knocked me out. Today is really the first time I have felt well enough to be up for more than an hour or two. I would like to share more about something I touched on in an earlier blog. I mentioned that it is not easy leaving Cambodia. I have been thinking a lot about that, and why I feel the way I do. I would like to elaborate for you…..

I have done a lot of traveling in my life. I feel fortunate that I have been able to see so many different cultures and meet so many amazing people throughout the world.  I have traveled to third world countries as well as some of the most modern. And my travels have kept me in different parts of the world for months at a time. 2 months all through South America into Patagonia. 2 months through the UK and Russia. Weeks in Spain and Morocco. From France to Switzerland. I have also traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada. I can say, without a doubt, I have never been anywhere in the world thus far, that is like Cambodia. This is not meant to offend anyone. I have truly loved the experiences I have had in other parts of the world. Its different there.

The more I am away, the more I realize what it is that constantly draws me back to Cambodia. It isn’t just the cause. I love what we are doing. I am passionate about what we are doing. What it is, is the people. You can walk down any street and see smiles. You can meet any one person and they are happy to see you. THEY DONT EVEN KNOW YOU??!! I see love in their faces. You feel loved in their presence. And its not only when we are visiting a school or orphanage. You could be sitting in a sidewalk restaurant or driving down a dirt road in a “tuk tuk” and you will feel it. From the kids waving and saying “hello” as you drive by, or catching the eye of someone casually walking. Love and affinity for the general sense of people, is alive and thriving. You cant help but be consumed by it. It brings peace to your being, to your soul. It puts your mind at ease. To be in a country where potential disaster lurks in the fields near schools and villages, one would think you should be stressed out. And don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times when the threat is very real, however, we move forward and ahead with our mission.

In a country where it would be extremely easy and just for the people to complain, they don’t. They do understand the need, but they don’t demand it. As a society, they are making what they have work. And what they have an abundance of is community, love for everyone, and strength. When I break it all down to its simplest form, it really is a model for the world. The sense of unity. The feeling that at any moment, the person that doesn’t have much, would give you what they have if you were in need, is palpable.

We should all be proud that we have nurtured that by “Our” presence there. It really is an easy concept to buy into. What we are accomplishing and for what our mission is, its truly every sense of serving our fellow “man”. Standing for others, when we could easily chose not to. I have to say that the ideals surrounding Complete Cambodia, are truly Cambodian. I know that all of us involved feel very strongly about what we have committed to getting done. I want to take it a step further. These ways of being for others within the confines of this foundation, take them into your personal life. Assure that the love and affinity that I described from being in Cambodia is alive and thriving here as well. As I am sure it is already present in your own lives, lets see if we can create more of an abundance around us. The thing that I have learned from my time spent in Cambodia is that we cant measure this way of being. That is to say that we can never have enough.  It will not only do amazing things for the foundation and our mission, but imagine what it would do here on a daily basis. Taking a stand for each other here, at home, like you have for people on the other side of the globe. It will be powerful……….I am sure of it.

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